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About Us

The sculpture “IMAGINE” is symbolic of the power of imagination, creativity and vision. All successful ventures, whether it is improving a process, developing a product, or helping mankind, begin with a vision to see the possibilities of what can be.

This amazing 19’ tall stainless steel structure serves as a unique landmark as it lends its beauty to the surrounding area. Imagine resonates within the building as well. As you enter the lobby, there is a smaller version of the 19’ sculpture. Our team members can also have “a little imagination”, an entire recognition program was designed utilizing miniature Imagine awards. Different sizes and metal finishes recognize various years of service and outstanding performance, further enriching the Imagine as a corporate symbol. While the Imagine design is exclusive to Visions/Awardcraft and our team members, similar programs can be created for you. Such a program strengthens your corporate identity and offers exclusive awards that will truly be cherished.

Contact your Sales Representative to see how easy it is to create an artistic awards program. From huge outdoor sculptures and signage to desktop sizes suited for the smallest cubicle, we can help you build your brand and sense of corporate pride.